Club Rules

These rules where NOT meant to be broken.



Centurion Bass Masters is a family club

The new season starts 1st July every year

At the beginning of each season all skippers need to supply updated documents to the club.

Rules and regulations are handled at club level with the Safety officer doing inspection beginning of each season.

We have different categories of Members ship fees from family, competitive, none completive, country & Pensioners rate.

  • The Pensioners rate is for a retired member that do not work or have a monthly income
  • The Country membership has the same advantages as a member with fewer formalities to attend.
  • The club fees are payable two weeks after our new season has started.

Club fees include your monthly fish off participation and Prize giving function for your immediate family.

The club is a great resource for learning about the sport.

First Tuesday every month we have our monthly meeting at Angling Africa in Centurion.

As a member of Centurion Bass Masters club you get discount on all purchases at Angling Africa.

At the beginning of each season all members are asked to bring their choice of drink and as a donation to the club.

A yearly sponsor’s list is drawn up where all members get a change to alternate in pairings of two members to be the sponsor for food and Raffle Prize at our monthly meetings.

Once a year we have the sponsored away trip. This weekend is funded from selling food, drinks and raffle tickets at the meetings. The club pays for the bulk of the costs.

We have our Monthly fishing competition every 2nd weekend of the month at different dams. Members have an input to decide on which dam to fish. We aim to have one far competition and two near venues every three months.

We have three sessions per weekend and an angler can weigh up to 3 fish per session.

At our meeting the weigh master is chosen. The weigh master do live well checks before the competition, and will decide on the launch times and sessions times to start and to end. He/she will make note on who attended the club fish off, amount and weight of the fish caught.

Report back on all results for each competition is done at each monthly meeting and on Facebook.

We have a Grand Prix system where all monthly fish off points are allocated. If you do not catch a fish, you still get a point for attendance.

The Grand Prix system is allocating points for Ladies, Seniors, Juniors and Jnr Juniors. To give all members a fair chance of accumulating points throughout the year.


We have a new Jnr Juniors Division for the smaller children – for ages 10 years and younger - to have fun and learn to fish and join in with the family from a young age. They also have the opportunity to win trophies, prizes and certificates at the end of the year.

We have an up and coming Junior Division with a Team Manager lead and guide the juniors.

Any skipper assisting the juniors at Divisional level will be allocated .5 points that will be count towards their club attendance points.

Every year June we have a Prize Giving function where winners gets Trophies & Certificates based on the Grand Prix system throughout the year. Your money paid in the club fees entitles a Senior plus partner to attend the prize giving for free. If you are not a member at the club for a year as yet, you can pay the money in yourself and still be at the Prize Giving function.

We promote Jnr Junior, Junior and Ladies Division with special competitions, Training & Trips during the year.

The most exciting reason to join is that you can fish competitively within the Northern Division and stand a chance to qualify for Nationals and earn Protea colours.

We are a club with members yearly qualify for National, Provincial and Protea colours. The club sponsor our teams by donating R500 per Member.

A Member needs to be in good standing with the club to take part at Provincial and National Level.

The Qualifying criteria for Divisionals and Provincials is as follows: 50% of club Attendance of meetings throughout the season, and 4 club fish off events - of which 3 can be fish off competitions, and the prize giving that counts as one.

We promote inter-club competitions between other clubs.

We have a hardworking Committee and our aim is to have Centurion Bass Masters Grow in membership and knowledge. A New committee is chosen at each Annual General meeting that always takes place in May each year.

Communication is vital and all members are updated and reminded via our Sms Portal system. Our club communicates on Facebook and WhatsApp.

New members email address and cell phone numbers are loaded as soon as possible onto the Systems.

JOIN US and come and FEEL the POSSITIVE VIBE!! The Camaraderie between our members is fantastic!


Please click here to download the constitution pdf document